Founder:  Big data thinking allows us to unbolt the man-machine equation. 

Jay Marshall has over thirty years experience in motor racing and Formula 1. Having started his professional career in the World Sports Cars 1988 with the Aston Martin Group C team an opportunity arose to work at Jordan Grand Prix, where after working in the fabrication and race departments was offered a position in the design office. Jay went on to work at several F1 teams holding a variety of positions in R&D, model shop, and aerodynamic design. During his time at Pacific Grand Prix, Jay studied vehicle dynamics at Cranfield University, and in 2001 left the global racing arena to start a family and worked as a race engineer in F3000 (now F2) and F3. In 2004 he started experimenting with racing simulations as track familiarisation tools and systems to analyse  human performance in the virtual and real worlds. During 2007 he incorporated V1 Logic Ltd to formulate driver evaluation and development strategies using racing simulations and psychometric systems.

Human Metrics: Creating the right metrics to collect the right data, is just the start. 

Howard Grosvenor has worked as a business psychologist in the psychometrics industry for over 15 years. Howard graduated from the University of Wales in 1999, completing a research project in cognitive neuropsychology that secured him a First Class Honours degree. In the same year he was offered a position at SHL as a consultant, where within five years he was promoted to managing consultant and made responsible for key sales and growth of the UK business. By the end of his tenure at SHL he was responsible for the development of global consulting solutions and growth across the global business. Howard is currently the UK director of professional services  at cut-e, the world leader in the design and implementation of online tests and questionnaires for use in recruitment, selection and development. cut-e and V1 work in partnership on the psychometric driver profiling. Over the past 5 years Howard has been instrumental in the implementation and development of the psychometrics in V1.


Physical Development: Training with a holistic approach to body and mind is key. 

Robert Millar earned his BSc Degree in Biology and Environmental Science at the University of Newcastle, going on to a BSc (Hons) Chiropractic Degree at McTimoney Chiropractic College, Oxford. Before starting his own successful northamtonshire clinic he continued to amass experience and knowlage by attending courses at Oxford Brookes and Loughborough, in assessment protocols for the athletes, treatment and rehabilitation and application of ultrasound treatments. His curent work in rehabilitation and performance maintenance of the athletes covers processes in structural alignment and soft tissue mobility, both crucial in ensuring peak and sustained performance in athletes. He has to date treated a wide range of sports people from recreational joggers to national and international level gymnast and championship snooker players. Rob has a kneen interest in treating triathletes, as a triathlete himself has an in depth understanding of the stresses and demands experienced during racing and training.

Legal: Lets make sure we all know what we're doing and why we're are doing it. 

Robert Cain qualified as a solicitor over 20 years ago, Robert trained as an accountant with Price Waterhouse and worked in a commercial capacity at United Biscuits. This thorough business grounding proved the ideal preparation for a legal career which began in the corporate and commercial team at Penningtons, before moving on to Denton Hall. Developing noteworthy expertise in intellectual property, transactions and IT allowed Robert to work extensively overseas, developing a comprehensive network of legal contacts along the way. After establishing his own company in 2009, technology, motorsport and brand distribution became particular areas of expertise. Robert advises clients on corporate and commercial transactions, drafting and negotiating contracts as well as dispute resolution. By gaining a thorough understanding of his clients' businesses, Robert uses his unique skill set to help them achieve their commercial goals and make key decisions with absolute confidence.


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